Capricorn london to Kathmandu

Just came across your website. What a blast from the past. My husband and I travelled with Capricorn in September 1975 to December 1975 from London to Kathmandu before travelling on to Melbourne where we stayed for 11 months then sailing back to the UK.  Apart from one other couple who were English like us and a couple of American girls, the rest of our fellow travellers were Aussies and New Zealanders travelling home.   Our driver was Bruce from Tasmania and our tour guide  was Russell Jahn who is still a good friend of ours in Perth.   It remains the greatest trip of our life even though we went on to filming wildlife documentaries all over the world.   We feel we were very fortunate to see all those countries before they became war torn.  We still have the Capricorn brochure and a journal of our trip, plus endless slides and a video.  Will try and post them to your site when I get time.  Attached our fellow travellers.  Apart from Russell have lost touch with everyone else. Kind regards Linda Searle

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  • Jacky Ling

    We were on the Capricorn trip from Katmandu to London January to early May 1976 with Bruce the driver and Russell the courier. I believe Russell went to live back in Australia with Trisha who was on the same trip. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who was on the amazing three month adventure. Names that come to mind are the following- Maria and David Scouller ( Teachers from Melbourne), Andy with his citar ( from Kidderminster), Pam (who married Bruce) they later had a baby Elizabeth , Vernon and Rose (from Vermont USA), Colleen Kelly (Mildura Australia), Mary (Australia), Kate (Australia), Mary known as Gerry (USA), Bert (USA), Steve Bell (Australia), Ed, Lorraine and Bob (Australia), Jo (USA), Kate (Canadian).
    From Tony and Julie Baker (nee Denniss), and Jacky Ling ( Bernard Ling now sadly deceased).
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