Europe to Australia by Trans-Siberian Railway

It’s possible to travel most of the way from London to Australia by train via the Trans-Siberian Railway.  In fact, quite a number people travel this way.  Time-wise, we’re talking 4-5 weeks one-way, minimum.

Route, timetable & costs…

Travel tickets alone costs only £750 or so from London as far as Singapore, but you must add food, hotels, tours along the way.  The links below cover travel in either direction, from London to Australia or Australia to London, follow the links to see details of prices and timetables for each section.

How to plan & arrange this trip…

There aren’t any travel agencies who can arrange the whole trip from Europe to Australia, so you will need to plan and arrange each stage of the journey yourself.  It’s an exercise in project management!  Unless time is absolutely no object, you should book the key sections in advance through various travel agencies, for example, book London-Moscow through a UK European train ticketing agency such as DB’s UK office or, then book Moscow-Beijing & Beijing-Hanoi through a local Russian agency such as or Svezhy Veter.  You may also need to pre-book the freighter from Asia to Australia, as places are limited.  Tickets for other parts of the trip, for example, Hanoi-Saigon-Phnom Penh-Bangkok can all be bought locally, as you go along.  The place to start is the sea section from Asia to Australia, as that will determine the dates for the rest of the trip.


You’ll need to pre-arrange visas for Belarus, Russia, possibly Mongolia, China & Vietnam.  Cambodian visas can be obtained at the frontier.  In many ways, complying with the various visa requirements (and in some cases, requirements for confirmed onward tickets to be held) is actually the biggest hassle, not buying the tickets for the trains, so check this out carefully using the relevant embassy websites.

So where do you start?

  • First, read through the seat61 pages linked above, as these explain the options for each stage of the journey.

  • Then sketch out your itinerary using a simple spreadsheet like this, deciding where and for how long you want to stop off.

  • Next, check out the visa situation for each country.

  • Finally, follow the advice on each seat61 page to buy tickets for each train journey that you want to pre-book.

Request for more information…

If anyone has any more information, an account of this journey, photos or travel reports that would be useful for this page, please e-mail me!

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