How to see silk road hightlights

Things You’ll Need:

  • A little Adventure
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      Remember that you are about to spend your time and pay your money for the most attractive things and places while you are seeking unique travel experiences along Silk Road in xinjiang, China.

      see silK road hightlights in Xinjiang, China at the least budget

      1. Top sightseeing places such as Ancient Jiaohe City Ruins, Grape Valley, Karez Channel, Abakh Khoja Tomb, Kashgar Grand Bazaar, Mogao Grottos.

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      2. Just taste locally distinctive food like Roast Whole Lamb, Islam Finger Food and Baked Crusty Pancake.

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      3. Buy these several goods as travel souvenirs if you like. Hetian Jade carvings, Ai come Silk silk products and Yengisar knives are the best choices.

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      4. Listening to the folk music played by Qattar ( two-string musical instruments) and enjoy Uighur dance.

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      5. After you pay for the basic accommodation, the abovedmentioned tips reduce your expense to the least for the highlights.

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      Silk Road, an international ancient passage of historical significance, has interchanged the civilizations between East and West. The ancient China Silk Road has its start in Chang’an (Xian now, an ancient capital of China), and its terminus on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean through the Gobi deserts, vast grassland, magnificent mountains of Tianshan, Karakurum, Himalayans and others.

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