Iranian Deserts


Dasht-e Lut

The hottest surface temperature ever recorded on the Earth called Gandom Beriyan (the toasted wheat). Its surface is wholly matted with black volcano lava. This dark cover absorbs excessive sunshine which due to difference of temperature with neighboring elevations forms a wind tunnel

Dasht-e Kavir

The extreme heat and many storms in Dasht-e Kavir cause extensive erosion, which makes it almost impossible to cultivate the lands. The desert is almost uninhabited and knows little exploitation. Camel and sheep breeding and agriculture are the sources of living to the few people living on its soil


The best way to get to Jandagh is the Tehran-Mashhad road to Shahrud and then driving to Moalleman and Jandagh from there. After about 6 hours from Shahrud you get to the village which is so green for a desert village. All arround you is the desert waiting to be explored

Rig-e Jenn Desert


Tabas Desert


Maranjab Desert

Maranjab is not much far from Tehran and also is close to Kashan and Abianeh two very Attractive places for tourists so its one of the most famous deserts in Iran and it really worths it.
Salt Lake, Abbasi Carvanseray(Beside the Ancient Silk way), Sand Hills and many other attractions can be visited in Maranjab

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