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Overland Expeditions

All Kumuka overland expedition tours take place on our traditional blue trucks carrying a maximum of 20 passengers. These trips use a combination of camping and/or hotel accommodation. Overland trips can be physically quite demanding but are suitable for almost anyone with a healthy appetite for adventure.

Overland expeditions offer more flexibility and adventure using Kumuka’s purpose built vehicles. Totally self-sufficient and carrying all the equipment we need – all trucks are equipped with a large water tank, long range fuel tanks, cool box, stereo, cooking gear, tents and camping equipment, they have the ability to take us away from the usual well trodden tourist route and to more remote locations.

All food whilst camping is included. There is a large selection of foods purchased at the local markets by the group and cooked by the group! (Special eating preferences can be catered for). When staying in hotels or guesthouses, you are free to choose your own style of food from a large variety of local restaurants, thereby sampling the local cuisine and better enhancing your travelling experience.

Areas covered:

Africa > South America > The Middle East >

Overland Camping and/or hotel adventure tours
Fantastic food on tour!
Kumuka pride themselves on their fantastic food on tour!
Comfortable Interior - Overland Vehicle
Kumuka’s overland vehicles have very comfortable interiors

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