Mustafa Hotel Kabul

The Mustafa Hotel was one of the overlands best known hotels. Situated right next to “Chicken Street” it was always full of overlanders heading East or West. They had good food the rooms were reasonable and they had hot showers, a luxury for some of us.

Mustafa Hotel Kabul

On my first visit we were late arriving from Kandahar and after unloading all the luggage we cleared the roof as we would have to park in the street overnight and Kabul is not the safest place in the world. By the time we got inside there were plates of chips and omelettes all round, a young Afghan Abraham was having a great time going round chatting up the girls, he turned out to be the manager. He spoke reasonable English but it had a liberal sprinkling of four letter words which rolled of his tongue with not a care in the world. Nothing was too much trouble he could fix anything, but nothing much happened he told you what you wanted to hear.

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