Oasis Overland

Trans Africa 2010-2011

This year, we have two trucks making this epic 40 week journey across Africa!  They will be travelling a week or so apart so Nancy & Chris head out from HQ on their truck next week and Andi & Grant the following week.  Both trucks will meet their group of Oasis travellers in Gibraltar before taking a ferry across the Straits to start their awesome Africa adventure!  Their journey will take them from the bazaars of Morocco, across the Sahara to the rainforests of West Africa, the city of Cape Town and the southern tip of Africa before returning north via East Africa’s famous game parks and the deserts of Sudan, finally arriving at the Pyramids and Sphinx after 40 weeks of rough roads, harsh terrains, extreme weather and awesome experiences!

Watch this space! We will have regular Trans Africa tweets so follow us on Twitter for frequent, if brief news!  More detailed updates from Nancy and Andi will be posted on this blog.

Check out the 40 week Trans Africa expedition!

If you can’t quite manage 40 weeks you can do 23 weeks UK to Cape Town, 31 weeks UK to Nairobi or 16 weeks Cape Town to Cairo

Digging the Trans Africa truck out of mud in West Africa

Digging the Trans Africa truck out of mud in West Africa

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