Oz-Bus launches upgraded overland trips for the mature passenger

Adventure travel company Oz-Bus has seen a rise in interest from the grey market. The operator, which runs overland bus trips between London and Sydney, Kathmandu and New York, has revealed that 60% of bookings are from passenger aged over thirty and 25% of travellers are over 60. Almost 58% of clients are female. “While I was initially surprised by the numbers of older people wanting to travel on Oz-Bus, I am delighted that we should hold such all-round appeal, and ultimately the demand has given us the flexibility to develop our product and offer much more complex and culturally-oriented itineraries, such as the London-New York trip,” said Oz-Bus Owner Alastair Chrystal. “Having listened to our passengers’ feedback, however, it became clear that many of the older passengers were keen to upgrade their accommodation.” Therefore to meet this requirement, Oz-Bus has launched a new ‘Comfort Trip’ that provides private twin share hotel accommodation rather than a hostel, although passengers will still camp in Australia. However, Chrystal added that the company had adapted its products for various budgets. “The younger adventure travel market is still very important to us and we recognise that this market is highly price sensitive so we have kept the budget trip and just added another level of product,” he explained.

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