Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

He’d just locked the keys inside his truck. What a plonker! And what a hopeless position: parked as it was in front of the gate – which the guard had just unlocked and now the truck totally blocked the access point between Iran and Pakistan … cornered near Afghanistan. A high fence defined the . . . → Read More: Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

Cochin the gateway to Kerala

Kochi (colonial name Cochin) is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala, hailed as ‘God’s Own Country‘. Its strategic importance over the centuries is underlined by the sobriquet Queen of the Arabian Sea. Informally, Cochin is also referred to as the . . . → Read More: Cochin the gateway to Kerala

Border Crossings into Iran

Iran Open Borders Crossing, Overland Travel to Iran- Getting there and away through the Land Boundaries

Iran Borders between Armenia Turkey Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq in west, north, east and south, Iran share border on west with Iraq and Turkey, in North with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Caspian Sea, Iran Borders In east . . . → Read More: Border Crossings into Iran

Why you should consider visiting Tibet

Go to Tibet and see many places, as much as you can; then tell the world.

The Dalai Lama

The Australia Tibet Council encourages people who are concerned about the rights of the Tibetan people, to visit Tibet and deepen their understanding of Tibet’s predicament.

Why you should consider visiting Tibet

. . . → Read More: Why you should consider visiting Tibet

Why not Zanzibar?

Zanzibar, a part of the United Republic of Tanzania, is a series of many islands, the main ones being Unguja and Pemba. The more populated of the two main islands, Unguja, is better known as Zanzibar Island and is home to Stone Town (also known as Zanzibar Town or Zanzibar City), an historic, bustling city . . . → Read More: Why not Zanzibar?

How to Plan a Budget Vacation in South East Asia

Whether you are thinking of a relaxing spa and message treat in Bali, going for a shopping spree in Bangkok, or planning to climb Kota Kinabalu, it always seem like a good time to travel nowadays.

With more budget airlines springing out, we are spoilt for choices recently. You can get low or sometimes . . . → Read More: How to Plan a Budget Vacation in South East Asia

The Sexual Lives of Sri Lankans

Photo by paularps via Flickr (Creative Commons)

“We cannot be out after six or a devil will enter our body,” Sarasi told me as we hurried to finish our rice and curry. It was almost dark and Sarasi’s secluded boarding house was a 30-minute bus ride from town. It would take me at least that . . . → Read More: The Sexual Lives of Sri Lankans

Tintin and the figure of mysterious inspiration

Hergé’s comic-book hero is about to enthral a new generation in a Spielberg film. But who was he modelled on? Tony Paterson reports

Palle Huld, left, travelled the world in 44 days by ship, train and car after winning a competition in a newspaper. His book about his journey was said to have inspired Hergé . . . → Read More: Tintin and the figure of mysterious inspiration