Highway through the Serengeti

February 17, 2011

We’ve previously posted details from Serengeti Watch about the proposed highway through the north of the Serengeti and often retweet their updates on Twitter. Recently, the non-profit organisation has critisized the Tanzanian President’s statement that the construction of the road will go ahead but that it will be gravel and not a . . . → Read More: Highway through the Serengeti

First group back to Egypt

Oasis Overland March 10, 2011 Our Egypt tour leader, Dave is leading our first trip to Egypt since the Revolution and reports back from Aswan:

Ride a camel at the Pyramids on Oasis Overland’s Egypt tours“All good here, everyone in the group really enjoyed the Pyramids Day and to everyone’s surprise we saw a lot . . . → Read More: First group back to Egypt

Why not Zanzibar?

Zanzibar, a part of the United Republic of Tanzania, is a series of many islands, the main ones being Unguja and Pemba. The more populated of the two main islands, Unguja, is better known as Zanzibar Island and is home to Stone Town (also known as Zanzibar Town or Zanzibar City), an historic, bustling city . . . → Read More: Why not Zanzibar?

Trans Africa trucks reach Mali

December 22, 2010

The Oasis Travel Trans Africa groups have spent the last few weeks journeying through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, a slight change to the itinerary due to FCO advice, and are now in Mali.

We’ve been reading a couple of the guys’ blogs and it sounds like they’ve been having an . . . → Read More: Trans Africa trucks reach Mali

Trans Africa trip getting ready to go!

The countdown is nearly over, and it’s FINALLY time for us to leave the luxuries (like daily showers and clean clothes) behind and head back to the wilds of Africa! We’re loaded down with 560 tins of beans, 192 kgs of pasta, 47 eager passengers, 4 crew, and 2 big yellow trucks, and we’re . . . → Read More: Trans Africa trip getting ready to go!

Lagos to be Africa’s largest city

Lagos is expected to overtake Cairo as Africa’s largest city amid a continent-wide trend of rapid urbanisation, according to a recent UN report. The UN-Habitat’s State of African Cities 2010 report says that urbanisation is occurring faster in Africa than any other continent. Lagos is estimated to be Africa’s fastest-growing city and should have 12.7 . . . → Read More: Lagos to be Africa’s largest city

Africa Overland Tour Truck

This is overland in comfort, private lockers & seat belts, what next?

This video clip shows a 24 seat Africa Overland Tour Truck. The truck has a number of nice features such as private lockers, 3 coolers/fridges, MP3 connection, battery charger, seat belts, big windows, games table, etc. Great for your Africa tour.

Clip taken . . . → Read More: Africa Overland Tour Truck

Photo Essay: Africa and the Middle East, Overland

If these photo’s don’t tempt you to consider Africa for an adventure then you are hard to please. Travel photographer Darren Ornitz recounts a journey up the east coast of Africa and into the Middle East.

I do not remember the exact day, or even how the conversation unfolded, but more than half a year . . . → Read More: Photo Essay: Africa and the Middle East, Overland