Trans Africa trip getting ready to go!

Getting ready for the Oasis Overland Trans Africa 2010The countdown is nearly over, and it’s FINALLY time for us to leave the luxuries (like daily showers and clean clothes) behind and head back to the wilds of Africa! We’re loaded down with 560 tins of beans, 192 kgs of pasta, 47 eager passengers, 4 crew, and 2 big yellow trucks, and we’re off!! We can’t wait to meet everyone, or to see what crazy adventures are in store….watch this space and we’ll try hard to pull ourselves away from the fun and keep you updated about what we’re doing! We’re not the best at uploading photos, but we’ll try to give you some inspiration while you’re back home working hard!! There is 1 space left for the UK to Cape Town section & spaces left for the UK to Accra  section if anyone would like to join the Trans Africa adventure!

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