Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Now the troubles are over it is time to visit Sri Lanka.
Trincomalee Travel Trincomalee, one of the largest deep water harbours in the world, is located on the north-east part of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee has served Sri Lanka as an important seaport since the times of ancient days. On the Swami Rock stands one of the oldest Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. In Second World War, Trinco was the headquarters of Allied South-East Asia Command.

Place of Intrest
Hot Springs of Kanniya
On the way to Trincomalee is the small town of Kanniya where lie seven hot springs. All these springs are within a rectangular enclosure of high walls. The springs are seperated from one another by dwarf walls.

Dutch Fort and Naval Museum

The ruins of Fort Frederick or the Dutch Fort can be seen on the way leading to Koneswaram. The fort was actually built by the Portuguese. The Dutch took over it in 1639. Till Sri Lanka acquired independence in 1948, the Dutch Fort changed hands between four European power: Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. Late the fort was made a naval base.

A naval museum named Hoods Naval Museum is also located in the navy base.

Harbour of Trincomalee is the third largest natural harbour in world. Naval strategic importance of Trincomalee had a great role in shaping its history. Many powers tried to capture this important fort, and in the process, fought several sea battles. Currently Sri Lankan is trying to develop Trincomalee as a commercial harbour.

Buddhist Shrine
Tiriyayi, located 35km off Trincomalee, is a place of Buddhist interest. Ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery have been discovered here. A Sanskrit inscription on a rock names the shrine Giri Kandi Caitiya.

Trincomalee TourSwami Rock
Legend holds that Swami Rock, a rocky outcrop, was once a colossal Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Koneswara. A new temple is now built near the location. Friday evening pujas here are very colorful. Point of Lover’s Leap is located within the Swami Rock.

Nilaweli and Uppuveli, considered among the best beaches in Sri Lanka, are very good for activities like snorekelling and sunbathing. Both the beaches are located 16 km and 6km off the town respectively. are among the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Knee deep shallow seas goes out hundreds of feet inside the sea.

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