Visit to Turkey 2010

There’s lots of photo’s in our story but here are a few more of Turkey today. There is a lot of work going on to restore old buildings, the Turks have realized they are sitting on a tourist gold mine. The city has changed but the buildings are still there, the old spare parts area on the way down to the Bosphurous is more touristy but just go back one more street and you can still get a starter motor fixed. The small hotels near the Blue Mosque have gone “Boutique” with roof top dining. The streets are cobbled and choked with traffic and goods are still transported by handcart. Old men still frequent the cafe’s, sipping on black tea and puffing on water pipes, away from the tourist trail its as though time has stood still.

Goreme coach park – those with the blue sticker follow me!
Lale Pudding Shop – still serving great food
Railway Station by Bosphurous
Fried fish boats on Bosphurous
Articulated trams!
Evening prayer at Blue Mosque

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