Why Go Overlanding in Africa?

Being an African Overlander is about being willing to take on adventure, and assisting your guides, crew and fellow passengers in a communal form of travel. Suitability for our trips is not about age or fitness it’s about being able to expect the unexpected & to take the rough with the smooth – whether you’re up to your knees in mud rescuing your sinking truck, or searching for the only bush in the desert to squat behind. You will often find that you will need to work together, whether it’s cleaning out your truck or bartering in the local markets for the day’s dinner.

It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

  • The overland experience of a life time
  • Off-the-beaten-track adventure travel in Africa
  • Group travel; make friends for life & meet like-minded people
  • Explore the countries and their wildlife
  • Experience the people and their culture
  • Experienced drivers and crew ensure your safety
  • Worldly and experienced staff
  • Cater for a range of budgets
  • All Africa truck safaris and tours are flexible

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