Welcome to the Overland Travel Blog, this blog was set up as part of a larger site (India Overland) The purpose of the India site is to reconnect those who undertook overland adventures to India, Africa & South America & to make an historical record of expeditions that in some cases are hardly possible today. People often think that traveling overland today is more dangerous than before but this is not the case. Today you have contact in most places, mobile phones work almost anywhere. In the 60’s – 70’s you could only make contact in the cities and even then you would wait for hours to get a connection. This Blog is an attempt to explore the current overland journeys that appeal to those looking for adventure today.

In the hay days of the Overland during 1960 – 1980 the number of operators that made these journeys is endless, this is just a short list…

Aardvark Expeditions, Anglo Australian Company, Asian Greyhound, Atrek, Capricorn Overland Tours, Budget Bus, CCT, Contiki, Encounter Overland, Exodus Expeditions, Hann Overland, Hughes Overland, Indigo, Inter Trek, Magic Bus, Penn World Overland, Rotel Tours, Safaris Overland, Sherpa Expeditions, Sundowners, Tentrek Expeditions, The Overlanders, Top Deck Travel, Trans African Expeditions, King Kong, Himalayan Tiger, Tangerine Tours, The Silver Express, P.B.K., Crazy Bus, No Sweat Overland Tours & Playmates Camping .

Today there are many companies offering to take you off the beaten track, with your input I hope this blog can find them and help those planning an overland adventure. As in the past there are those who want to undertake a trip on their own, they will need all the help they can get.

The India Overland site and Forum has lots of good reading on the subject and although it is historic, much of it still holds true today. I’m sure it will give you some idea of what overlanding will be like. – Derek Amey

Palace Square Esphan Iran

Fatapur Sikri near Agra India

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