Highway through the Serengeti

February 17, 2011

We’ve previously posted details from Serengeti Watch about the proposed highway through the north of the Serengeti and often retweet their updates on Twitter. Recently, the non-profit organisation has critisized the Tanzanian President’s statement that the construction of the road will go ahead but that it will be gravel and not a tarmac road. Serengeti Watch claim that the road surface was never the issue, that this is the President’s way of appearing to make concessions to those opposed to it and that they have stated from the beginning that even a gravel road will be detrimental. Follow the links to hear both sides of the story.

Wildebeeste in the SerengetiRead President Kikwete’s press release

Read the response of Serengeti Watch on Facebook

Find out more about Serengeti Watch.

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