Tour Operators

There are Overland tour Operators all over the world, they cater to different markets, some Luxury other Budget. A luxury safari in Africa complete with huge tent, carpets and a chief can cost a fortune but other operators can take you to the same place for a fraction of the cost. Below is a list of websites offering the complete range, I have tried to select the more unusual destinations that appeal to the adventure traveler.

If you think your company belongs on this list just email me with a link to your website.

Africa Books, Films, Tours & Guides Truck Safari’s in Africa Large range of African tours Adventure & Safari Tours Africa overland tour operator
America’s Tips on travel in South America Agent specializing in South America South America tour operator North & South America tours
Asia Traveling to Nepal plus lots more Nepal Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim & Ladakh Mongolian cultural tours Trekking & Tours in Tibet & Nepal Discover China Overland adventures in Indonesia Laos tours and travels Tour of Indonesia Asia tour specialist UK to Nepal plus Middle East
Europe Off-Roading in Poland & Ukraine
Middle East Traveling in Iran this guy can help Tours to Iraq, Armenia & Afghanistan
Oceania Adventure tours in Tasmania Australian adventure tours
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Self Drive Overland in your own vehicle Resource for driving overland