Border Crossings into Iran

Iran Open Borders Crossing, Overland Travel to Iran- Getting there and away through the Land Boundaries

Iran Borders between Armenia Turkey Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq in west, north, east and south, Iran share border on west with Iraq and Turkey, in North with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Caspian Sea, Iran Borders In east with Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran borders on South with Mighty Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Iran has over a dozen international overland border crossings. These allow overland travelers Travel to Iran and enter to Iran by crossing the borders from Iraqi Kurdistan, from Turkey, from Armenia and Azerbaijan, from Turkmenistan and Afghanistan and from Pakistan. Tourists can Travel to Iran by air at Tehran, Tabriz, Mashad, Esfahan, Shiraz, Bandar abbas, Kish and Gheshm Island, as Iran’s Internationals Airports.

Popular Border crossings for Travel to Iran for overland Travelers

Border crossing between Iran and Turkey is the Bazargan 24 Hours Border crossing

Border between Iran and Armenia is Nour-dooz Land Border

Borders between Iran and Turkmenistan is Bajgiran and sarakhas Land Border

Border between Iran and Pakistan is Mirjaveh Land Border

Border between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan is Marivan Land Border while Mehran Land Border is for crossing to South of Iraq (the Arabic Part of Iraq)

Technicalities for Border Crossing to Iran, passport and Iran visa

If you Travel to Iran then you’ll need to Apply Your Iran Visa in advance, none of below Land Borders for crossing to Iran issue the Iran visa, Iran has issues with Israel. If you’re travelling on an Israeli passport you’ll be turned away at the border (and you won’t even get onto a flight coming into Iran). Similarly, having an Israeli stamp in your passport will see you turned away or put on the next flight out.

Land Borders crossing between Iran and Turkey, Iran Bazargan Border, Turkish Dogubayazit (agri) Border

This Border is awash with Travelers crossing the borders To/From Iran to Turkey. Buses are always ply to Tabriz even mid-nights, Also you can take taxi to Maku as the first town (15 K.M) after Bazargan Border and then browse your trip. Maku Bus station is fast and affordable and you Expect Buses to Tehran, Tabriz and Esfahan. Iran Visa Must Arrange in Advance.

Land Borders crossing between Iran and Armenia, Iran Noor duz -Armenia Meghri Agarak Land Border

The only Iran/Armenia land border at Nurduz/Agarak. On the Iranian Side take the Taxi to Jolfa, the first tiny town after the Border. From Jolfa Buses are regularly ply to Tabriz and suburbs.

Land Borders crossing between Iran and Azerbaijan, Iran Aslandooz, Astara, Azarbaijan Astara Lankaran

The Azeri border has two recognised crossings: between Astara (Azerbaijan) and Astara (Iran), and Culfa (Azerbaijan) and Jolfa (Iran), the latter leading to the exclave of Nakhchivan, from where you cannot enter Armenia and must fly to get to Baku. Iran Visas are not issued here.

Land Borders crossing between Iran and Turkmenistan, Iran Bajgiran Border, Turkmenistan Yablonovka Gaudan

Once through, it’s a taxi across some 20km of no-man’s-land to Bajgiran land border in iran side where you can get ONLY Share or Private Taxis about 2 hours to Ghouchan and 4 Hours to Mashhad. There are also borders with Iran at Sarakhas (there is a Mashhad–Saraghs train, but no international trains into Turkmenistan) and Gudurolum (which is reachable by car or taxi only).

Land Borders crossing between Iran Afghanistan, Iran Islam Qala (Taybad) Border, Afghanistan Dogharon

The border at Dogharon, 20km east of Taybad in Iran, is open and straightforward. Daily

buses between Herat and Mashhad make the trip even simpler still. Iran Visas are not issued


Land Borders crossing between Iran and Pakistan, Iran Mirjave, Pakistan Taftan Land Border

Along the 830km border with Pakistan, the only recognized Land Border and crossing between Iran and Pakistan for foreigners is between Mirjaveh (Iran) and Taftan (Pakistan).

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