First group back to Egypt

Oasis Overland March 10, 2011 Our Egypt tour leader, Dave is leading our first trip to Egypt since the Revolution and reports back from Aswan:

Ride a camel at the Pyramids on Oasis Overland’s Egypt tours“All good here, everyone in the group really enjoyed the Pyramids Day and to everyone’s surprise we saw a lot . . . → Read More: First group back to Egypt

Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

He’d just locked the keys inside his truck. What a plonker! And what a hopeless position: parked as it was in front of the gate – which the guard had just unlocked and now the truck totally blocked the access point between Iran and Pakistan … cornered near Afghanistan. A high fence defined the . . . → Read More: Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

Border Crossings into Iran

Iran Open Borders Crossing, Overland Travel to Iran- Getting there and away through the Land Boundaries

Iran Borders between Armenia Turkey Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq in west, north, east and south, Iran share border on west with Iraq and Turkey, in North with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Caspian Sea, Iran Borders In east . . . → Read More: Border Crossings into Iran

Explore off the beaten track Middle East and Africa

Meroe Pyramids Sudan

The Middle East has been conquered by many civilisations throughout the years: the Persians, Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and Ottomans. Each culture has left their influence. This is a legacy of open-air museums and historic ruins – a paradise for travellers. Imagine arriving at Petra on horse back; camping in . . . → Read More: Explore off the beaten track Middle East and Africa

Africa Overland Tour Truck

This is overland in comfort, private lockers & seat belts, what next?

This video clip shows a 24 seat Africa Overland Tour Truck. The truck has a number of nice features such as private lockers, 3 coolers/fridges, MP3 connection, battery charger, seat belts, big windows, games table, etc. Great for your Africa tour.

Clip taken . . . → Read More: Africa Overland Tour Truck

World Hum on an Around the World Trip

Dear Rolf,

I’m planning a round-the-world trip, but I worry about transportation costs once I start traveling. Ideally, I would like to travel to most places overland, exploring along the way. However, civil unrest, war and such make that virtually impossible. Any suggestions about how to get around these obstacles without resorting to expensive flights . . . → Read More: World Hum on an Around the World Trip

Overland Travel in South America

Tips for Independent Travelers

I have always been fascinated by the idea of crossing South America by road. Long before my first visit to this vast continent, I enjoyed following the Pan-American highway with my finger on the map, until I reached its end at the southern . . . → Read More: Overland Travel in South America

Why Go Overlanding in Africa?

Being an African Overlander is about being willing to take on adventure, and assisting your guides, crew and fellow passengers in a communal form of travel. Suitability for our trips is not about age or fitness it’s about being able to expect the unexpected & to take the rough with the smooth – whether you’re . . . → Read More: Why Go Overlanding in Africa?