How to Plan a Budget Vacation in South East Asia

Whether you are thinking of a relaxing spa and message treat in Bali, going for a shopping spree in Bangkok, or planning to climb Kota Kinabalu, it always seem like a good time to travel nowadays.

With more budget airlines springing out, we are spoilt for choices recently. You can get low or sometimes even zero dollar air tickets from budget airlines like AirAsia, Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways, Lion Air and Cebu Pacific to travel around South East Asia, or even further countries.

In order to have a budget vocation that fully stretches your dollars, its best is to plan your travel 3-6 months ahead, or even earlier if you want. After you fix the venue you want to travel, wait for the promotions from the airlines. They usually come out with some promotions just before the holidays or their anniversary. If you wait patiently, you might get the zero dollar ticket for your venue. If the promotion is only for a one way flight, you can always travel from your country with one airline, and buy the return flight from the other airline that’s also having a one way flight promotions.

If timing to take your vocation is not too much a problem, you might want to plan it on the off peak season, such as during the non school holidays period, or non public holidays so as to stay off from the crowds fighting for the same tickets. You might want to consider to get the tickets during the weekdays instead too as its usually cheaper than the weekend tickets.

As for accommodation, if you can stay with your relatives or friends, that would the great as besides saving up the cost, it always feel good to build bonds and do some catching up with your good relatives or friends whom you seldom meet. If not, you can google for budget hotels in your area of interest. Personally, I like to go to AsiaRooms or ZUJI websites to check out the hotel rates of my interest, then I search for the hotel directly in the website. Often you won’t be disappointed in putting in this extra efforts as you might get a slightly lower rate when you book directly with the hotel.

As long as you plan early, wait for the promotions patiently, you should be able to get a budget vocation happily.

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