Tintin and the figure of mysterious inspiration

Hergé’s comic-book hero is about to enthral a new generation in a Spielberg film. But who was he modelled on? Tony Paterson reports

Palle Huld, left, travelled the world in 44 days by ship, train and car after winning a competition in a newspaper. His book about his journey was said to have inspired Hergé . . . → Read More: Tintin and the figure of mysterious inspiration

Hindustani Ambassador

Remember these, they are still running around in their thousands, the 1950’s Morris Oxford was built in India after they bought the whole factory when it closed in UK. If you have been in a taxi in India chances are it was an Ambassador. They rattled, bounced all over the place because they had no . . . → Read More: Hindustani Ambassador

Mustafa Hotel Kabul

The Mustafa Hotel was one of the overlands best known hotels. Situated right next to “Chicken Street” it was always full of overlanders heading East or West. They had good food the rooms were reasonable and they had hot showers, a luxury for some of us.

Mustafa Hotel Kabul

On my first visit . . . → Read More: Mustafa Hotel Kabul

The Minaret of Djam

The 1970 hardcover of this Freya Stark classic has been out of print for some time, but a new paperback edition is set to hit bookstores on Dec. 21.

The book recounts Stark’s journey in search of Afghanistan’s Minaret of Jam; the 12th-century relic is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, though at the . . . → Read More: The Minaret of Djam

The Vanishing of Ruth

New mystery novel, set partly on the hippy trail to Kathmandu and partly in the present. 1976: friends, Marcus and Ruth, go missing in Afghanistan during an overland bus trip to Kathmandu. A generation later, Ruth’s niece Amber, haunted by the disintegration of her family, determines to get at the truth of their disappearance. . . . → Read More: The Vanishing of Ruth

World Hum on an Around the World Trip

Dear Rolf,

I’m planning a round-the-world trip, but I worry about transportation costs once I start traveling. Ideally, I would like to travel to most places overland, exploring along the way. However, civil unrest, war and such make that virtually impossible. Any suggestions about how to get around these obstacles without resorting to expensive flights . . . → Read More: World Hum on an Around the World Trip

Eight Fingered Eddie

Eight Finger Eddie, who died on October 18 aged 85, became famous as the founder of the hippie scene in the Indian resort state of Goa. An American-born former bass player whose real name was Yertward Mazamanian (he was nicknamed Eight Finger Eddie because he was born with only three fingers on his right hand), . . . → Read More: Eight Fingered Eddie

The Grand Trunk Road: Travelling the `River of Life’

From journal Hobbling through Himachal and Punjab

My fondest memories of childhood centre on travelling. My family loved going places, and I spent most holidays in the back of the car (I was an angelic child: not a single “Are we there yet?!”). I adored roadtrips, and our journeys through India- from Madhya Pradesh . . . → Read More: The Grand Trunk Road: Travelling the `River of Life’