Visit to Jew Town Cochin Kerala

CANDIDA. Today we were on our own. Tom, Missy, Rolf and Leah traveled north and east to visit Leah’s first orphanage. There was a lot of debate about whether to go or not. It meant a second long day of lots of driving, four hours each way. But in the end it was worth . . . → Read More: Visit to Jew Town Cochin Kerala

Trans Africa trucks reach Mali

December 22, 2010

The Oasis Travel Trans Africa groups have spent the last few weeks journeying through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, a slight change to the itinerary due to FCO advice, and are now in Mali.

We’ve been reading a couple of the guys’ blogs and it sounds like they’ve been having an . . . → Read More: Trans Africa trucks reach Mali

A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan

“How many nights?” asked the man, as he handed me a padlock and key. “Just one,” I said. I was sure of this. The worst heat wave in a century blanketed Lahore; the polluted air had stung our eyes as we walked to the hotel. My wife, Sutay, and I had no intention of exploring. . . . → Read More: A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan

Hindustani Ambassador

Remember these, they are still running around in their thousands, the 1950’s Morris Oxford was built in India after they bought the whole factory when it closed in UK. If you have been in a taxi in India chances are it was an Ambassador. They rattled, bounced all over the place because they had no . . . → Read More: Hindustani Ambassador

The Vanishing of Ruth

New mystery novel, set partly on the hippy trail to Kathmandu and partly in the present. 1976: friends, Marcus and Ruth, go missing in Afghanistan during an overland bus trip to Kathmandu. A generation later, Ruth’s niece Amber, haunted by the disintegration of her family, determines to get at the truth of their disappearance. . . . → Read More: The Vanishing of Ruth

Shadegan Marshes Iran

My name is Pieter Paul, I am a Biologist. I live and work in the Netherlands. This year in June I have made a journey, to watch birds and to record their sounds in various wetlands in the Middle-East. I have visited the Shadegan Marshes in Iran and Ammiq Swamp in Lebanon and Sultan . . . → Read More: Shadegan Marshes Iran

The Grand Trunk Road: Travelling the `River of Life’

From journal Hobbling through Himachal and Punjab

My fondest memories of childhood centre on travelling. My family loved going places, and I spent most holidays in the back of the car (I was an angelic child: not a single “Are we there yet?!”). I adored roadtrips, and our journeys through India- from Madhya Pradesh . . . → Read More: The Grand Trunk Road: Travelling the `River of Life’

Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain

On the flat icy surface of Alaska’s Inside Passage, sound skips across the water like a stone, distorting distance and betraying those who would move silently through the morning fog.

The blow of several orcas filters through the mist and I sense they are near.

It is cold this morning and calm. The sun . . . → Read More: Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain