K9 Aid international

website-logo In many countries there are lots of street dogs most are in poor health, under fed and breed uncontrolled. Many countries have rabies making a bite from one of these dogs a serious problem. k9Aid was founded  to restore hope to “Mans Best Friend”… Their aim is to:

  • Improve the life of these animals by supporting small shelters.
  • Providing medical help for ill or injured dogs.
  • Finding new homes for dogs rescued from the Dog Meat Trade.
  • Providing logistics & funding to relocate rescued dogs..

Many dogs have been ill treated and end up in shelters suffering from abuse or neglect. Finding new homes for these dogs is also a high priority, many can be adopted locally whilst other have found homes in distant countries. K9Aid along with its supporters are working hard to improve the lives of unwanted dogs. Dogs have been mans companion for centuries, we owe it to them to be their Best Friend…

Have you ever heard of the “Dog Meat Trade”

Pets & street dogs are rounded up by criminals then transported in appalling condition to an horrific death in Vietnam. Those that are lucky enough to be rescued are held in large compounds with little hope of a future life. K9Aid along with its supporters are doing what they can to re-home these dogs.

Watch the video to see what this trade is doing…