First group back to Egypt

Oasis Overland
March 10, 2011
Our Egypt tour leader, Dave is leading our first trip to Egypt since the Revolution and reports back from Aswan:

Ride a camel at the Pyramids on Oasis Overland’s Egypt tours“All good here, everyone in the group really enjoyed the Pyramids Day and to everyone’s surprise we saw a lot more tourists at the Museum and Pyramids than we thought we would. Although we had thought we might have the place to ourselves, it was great to see people there.

The group felt no safety issues and all the locals were quite relaxed and obviously delighted to see tourists back on the streets. During the day the local atmosphere was good, Cairo traffic is back to its crazy self, car horns tooting all day and people are very happy again – although most in the tourist business need to get back to work soon and are hoping that tourists will be made aware that all sites are back open during the daytime and it’s business as usual there. Everyone is waiting with open arms for foreigners to return.

We’re in Aswan now and all seems to be as usual, locals smiling and less car horns going off than in Cairo so that’s nice!

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