Desert Tour in Iran

Iran is full of rugged beauty with coarse mountain steeps at one hand and deserts in other, Desert tours in Iran are thus very popular among all types of voyagers. Iran has various vast sand-lands to explore and enjoy trips to.

Desert tours in Iran are arranged by several tourism agencies and hotels at Iran. Desert tours in Iran includes following major deserts of Iran,

  • Kavir-e-Lut
  • Dasht-E-Kavir

These deserts of Iran are the most heated place compared to other desert oriented places in the world. Especially Kavir-e-Lut should be mentioned for its largest expansion, which probably the biggest in universe, also because it is the most significant natural barren-land formed during the breaking of the earth layers due to various climatic reasons.

Desert tours in Iran is accompanied by expert touring guides, so that travelers are not lost in vast desert lands of Iran while traveling, neither had they fallen down from the back of the ship of the deserts, that is the camels. Riding at camel’s back at the Iran deserts would surely provide the travelers the feel of ancient Arabian myths, which is adventurous and nostalgic at a time.

Desert tours in Iran are short and precise, because it does not offer lavish accommodations to stay in for longer, because life without water can not be survived, and deserts are water-less.

It is advisable to wear bright and colorful clothes during desert tours in Iran as scorching sun rays are only avoidable in this way, because bright colors are bad conductor of heat.

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