Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

He’d just locked the keys inside his truck. What a plonker! And what a hopeless position: parked as it was in front of the gate – which the guard had just unlocked and now the truck totally blocked the access point between Iran and Pakistan … cornered near Afghanistan. A high fence defined the . . . → Read More: Hitch-hiking Baluchistan – Pakistan

A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan

“How many nights?” asked the man, as he handed me a padlock and key. “Just one,” I said. I was sure of this. The worst heat wave in a century blanketed Lahore; the polluted air had stung our eyes as we walked to the hotel. My wife, Sutay, and I had no intention of exploring. . . . → Read More: A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan